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Summer Invitational/ECHO Finals North
June 10–June 11, 2023
Legend:Game Not CompleteGame Complete 
Saturday, June 10, 2023
Home TeamHome
Guest TeamGuest
110U7:20 AM Alkali Outlaws Red 5 Marple Junior Gladiators Red
212U7:20 AM Fredericksburg Phantoms 10 Rink Rat Vipers Green Blue
310U8:00 AM Alkali Outlaws White 8 Saucy Vipers Red
412U8:00 AM Rink Rat Vipers Orange 8 Alkali Outlaws Blue
514U8:40 AM Konnix Raleigh Speed Gold 9 Alkali Outlaws Blue Red
610U8:40 AM Saucy Vipers 6 Alkali Outlaws Red Blue
712U9:20 AM Rink Rat Rebels 8 Rink Rat Red
810U9:20 AM Marple Junior Gladiators 5 Alkali Outlaws White Blue
914U10:00 AM Rink Rat Rebels 7 RK Nighthawks Red
1014U10:00 AM VA Patriots 4 Alkali Outlaws Red Blue
1114U10:40 AM Alkali Outlaws White 9 Rinkster Red
1212U10:40 AM Rink Rat Rebels 5 Rink Rat Vipers Orange Blue
1312U11:20 AM Rink Rat 4 Fredericksburg Phantoms Red
1410U11:20 AM Saucy Vipers 9 Marple Junior Gladiators Blue
1512U12:00 PM Alkali Outlaws  10 Rink Rat Vipers Green Red
1610U12:00 PM Alkali Outlaws Red 6 Alkali Outlaws White Blue
1714U12:40 PM VA Patriots 9 Rinkster Red
1814U12:40 PM Konnix Raleigh Speed Gold 8 Alkali Outlaws White Blue
1916U1:20 PM Fredericksburg Phantoms 3 Shockwave Red
2016U1:20 PM RK Nighthawks 8 Alkali Outlaws Blue
2116U2:00 PM Rink Rat Rebels 3 Rinkster Red
22Adult2:40 PM RK Nighthawks 9 Rink Rat Iron Knights 1 Red
2314U2:40 PM Alkali Outlaws Red 5 Rink Rat Rebels Blue
2414U3:20 PM RK Nighthawks 10 Alkali Outlaws Blue Red
2514U3:20 PM Alkali Outlaws White 8 VA Patriots Blue
2618U4:00 PM Rink Rat Iron Knights 3 RK Nighthawks Red
27Adult4:00 PM Rink Rat Iron Knights 1 11 The Assassins Blue
2814U4:40 PM Konnix Raleigh Speed Gold 8 RK Nighthawks Red
29Adult4:40 PM Rink Rat Iron Knights 2 6 RK Nighthawks Blue
3016U5:20 PM Rinkster 10 Fredericksburg Phantoms Red
3116U5:20 PM Alkali Outlaws 9 Rink Rat Rebels Blue
3216U6:00 PM Shockwave 4 RK Nighthawks Red
3318U6:00 PM Alkali Outlaws 5 Rink Rat Iron Knights Blue
34Adult6:40 PM RK Nighthawks 8 The Assassins Red
35Adult6:40 PM Rink Rat Iron Knights 2 9 Rink Rat Iron Knights 1 Blue
3618U7:20 PM RK Nighthawks 4 Alkali Outlaws Red
3716U7:20 PM Fredericksburg Phantoms 6 Rink Rat Rebels Blue
3816U8:00 PM RK Nighthawks 9 Rinkster Red
3916U8:00 PM Shockwave 9 Alkali Outlaws Blue
Sunday, June 11, 2023
Home TeamHome
Guest TeamGuest
4010U Semi7:30 AM Marple Junior Gladiators 6 Alkali Outlaws White Red
4110U Semi7:30 AM Juicy Vipers 7 Alkali Outlaws Red Blue
4212U 8:10 AM Alkali Outlaws 8 Rink Rat Red
4312U8:10 AM Rink Rat Rebels 9 Rink Rat Vipers Green Blue
4414U8:50 AM Rinkster 8 Alkali Outlaws Red Red
4514U8:50 AM Rink Rat Rebels 11 Alkali Outlaws Blue Blue
4612U9:30 AM Fredericksburg Phantoms 8 Rink Rat Vipers Orange Red
4710U Final9:30 AM Alkali Outlaws Red 6 Marple Junior Gladiators Blue
4816U Tier 2 Semi10:10 AM Shockwave 5 Fredericksburg Phantoms Red
4916U Tier 1 Semi10:10 AM Rinkster 7 RK Nighthawks Blue
5012U Tier 2 Semi10:50 AM Rink Rat 6 Rink Rat Vipers Green Red
5112U Tier 1 Semi10:50 AM Alkali Outlaws 6 Rink Rat Rebels Blue
52Adult11:30 AM The Assassins 6 Rink Rat Iron Knights 2 Red
5318U Semi11:30 AM Alkali Outlaws 7 Rink Rat Iron Knights Blue
5414U Tier 2 Semi12:10 PM Rink Rat Rebels 3 Konnix Raleigh Speed Gold Red
5514U Tier 2 Semi12:10 PM Alkali Outlaws Blue 6 VA Patriots Blue
5614U Tier 1 Semi12:50 PM Alkali Outlaws White 12 Alkali Outlaws Red Red
5714U Tier 1 Semi12:50 PM RK Nighthawks 10 Rinkster Blue
5812U Tier 2 Final1:30 PM Fredericksburg Phantoms 4 Rink Rat Red
5916U Tier 2 Final1:30 PM Rink Rat Rebels 3 Shockwave Blue
6012U Tier 1 Final2:10 PM Rink Rat Vipers Orange 7 Rink Rat Rebels Red
6116U Tier 1 Final2:10 PM Alkali Outlaws 6 Rinkster Blue
62Adult Semi2:50 PM Rink Rat Iron Knights 2 8 RK Nighthawks Blue
6314U Tier 2 Final2:50 PM Rink Rat Rebels 7 Alkali Outlaws Blue Red
6418U Final3:30 PM RK Nighthawks 3 Rink Rat Iron Knights Blue
6514U Tier 1 Final3:30 PM Alkali Outlaws White 7 Rinkster Red
66Adult Final4:10 PM The Assassins 5 Rink Rat Iron Knights Red
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