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The next ECHO Tournament is December 19th in Jupiter, Fl.
For tournament information
Call 919-656-0467
Upcoming Echo Hockey Events
Jupiter, Fl Winter Classic
Winter Classic at HotShots
ECHO Qualifier at Shooters in Midlothian, VA
Season Opening Event: ECHO Invitational
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ECHO Hockey 2016 Tournament Schedule

November 20, 2015 13:11 AM
Bob Boucher

ECHO is still working on a few dates and locations.

January 1-3, 2016 @ HotShots in Mt. Pleasant, PA. 5th Annual Winter Classic

February 13-14 @ SGAA. Travel Lite(Rec Level, Single A) Qualifier.

March 4-6 @ Shooters in Midlothian, VA. Qualifier

March 19-20 @ SGAA. ECHO Season Opening Event. ECHO Shootout.

April 1-3 @ The Skatium in Ft.Myers, Fl. Qualifier

April 15-17 @ Las Vegas Roller Hockey Center. ECHO Invitational/Qualifier.

April 30-May 1 @ SGAA. Qualifier

May 7-8 @ Dream Sports Center in Raleigh, NC. Qualifier.

May 14-15 @ Buffalo River Works in Buffalo, NY. Qualifier.

Still Working on events in VA, GA, TX, Fl and TX.

Winter Leagues at Jellybeans of Cary and Wakefield

November 20, 2015 13:04 AM
Bob Boucher

Registration has begun for the Winter Leagues at both Jellybeans of Cary(Adults) and Wakefield(7-10 and 11-16). Go to and pick the Youth and/or Adult Registration page.

The seasons will start the week of January 4th, 2016.

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