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ECHO Travel Lite Finals
June 1–June 3, 2018
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Saturday, June 2, 2018
Home TeamHome
Guest TeamGuest
110U8:30 AMRaleigh Speed 5 Hendersonville HatricksBlue
210U8:30 AMMcDonough Gamblers 10 Jr Gladiators 8UWhite
312U9:10 AMMcDonough Gamblers 10 Hendersonville HatricksBlue
48U9:10 AMMcDonough Gamblers 5 P RexWhite
510U9:50 AMAsheville Mountaineers 7 CHILL LizardsBlue
612U9:50 AMCHILL Lizards 5 PBC PredatorsWhite
78U10:30 AMAsheville Mountaineers 5 CHILL LizardsOT Blue
810U10:30 AMHendersonville Hatricks 7 PBC PredatorsWhite
910U11:10 AMCHILL Lizards 7 Jr Gladiators 8UBlue
1010U11:10 AMRaleigh Speed 8 Asheville MountaineersWhite
1112U11:50 AMPBC Predators 4 Hendersonville HatricksOT Blue
1212U11:50 AMAsheville Mountaineers 7 McDonough GamblersWhite
138U12:30 PMMcDonough Gamblers 7 CHILL LizardsOT Blue
148U12:30 PMAsheville Mountaineers 6 P RexWhite
1510U1:10 PMMcDonough Gamblers 6 Raleigh SpeedBlue
1610U1:10 PMHendersonville Hatricks 7 Jr Gladiators 8UWhite
1710U1:50 PMAsheville Mountaineers 4 PBC PredatorsOT Blue
1812U1:50 PMAsheville Mountaineers 8 CHILL LizardsWhite
1912U2:30 PMMcDonough Gamblers 7 PBC PredatorsOT Blue
2010U2:30 PMCHILL Lizards 4 McDonough GamblersWhite
2110U3:10 PMPBC Predators 6 Raleigh SpeedBlue
2210U3:10 PMAsheville Mountaineers 8 Jr Gladiators 8UWhite
2312U3:50 PMHendersonville Hatricks 6 CHILL LizardsBlue
2412U3:50 PMAsheville Mountaineers 6 PBC PredatorsWhite
2514U4:30 PMCHILL Lizards 6 Team Tennessee 2003 ABlue
2614U4:30 PMAsheville Mountaineers 6 Raleigh Speed 12UWhite
27High School5:10 PMMcDonough Gamblers 5 Gwinnett ThunderBlue
28High School5:10 PMMusic City Maniacs 7 Asheville MountaineersWhite
29Adult5:50 PMPurple Crush 8 Georgia VipersBlue
30Adult 5:50 PMOutlaws 7 Hockey ChattanoogaWhite
31Adult6:30 PMMacon Militia 6 ThrashersBlue
3214U6:30 PMAsheville Mountaineers 8 McDonough GamblersWhite
3314U7:10 PMCHILL Lizards 7 Raleigh Speed 12UBlue
34High School7:10 PMAsheville Mountaineers 8 Gwinnett ThunderWhite
35High School7:50 PMMusic City Maniacs 5 McDonough GamblersBlue
36Adult7:50 PMGA Misfits 8 Hockey ChattanoogaWhite
3714U8:30 PMTeam Tennessee 2003 A 3 McDonough GamblersBlue
3814U8:30 PMAsheville Mountaineers 8 CHILL LizardsWhite
39Adult9:10 PMPurple Crush 9 ThrashersBlue
40Adult9:10 PMGeorgia Vipers 6 Macon MilitiaWhite
41High School9:50 PMGwinnet Thunder 6 Music City ManiacsBlue
42High School9:50 PMAsheville Mountaineers 5 McDonough GamblersWhite
43Adult10:10 PMPurple Crush 9 GA MisfitsBlue
44Adult10:10 PMOutlaws 4 Macon MilitiaWhite
45Adult10:50 PMThrashers 9 Georgia VipersBlue
Sunday, June 3, 2018
Home TeamHome
Guest TeamGuest
468U7:00 AMAsheville Mountaineers 5 McDonough GamblersBlue
478U7:00 AMP Rex 5 CHILL LizardsWhite
4812U7:40 AMHendersonville Hatricks 7 Asheville MountaineersBlue
4912U7:40 AMCHILL Lizards 7 McDonough GamblersOT White
5014U8:20 AMTeam Tennessee 2003 A 7 Asheville MountaineersBlue
5110U8:20 AMCHILL Lizards 4 PBC PredatorsOT White
5210U9:00 AMHendersonville Hatricks 7 McDonough GamblersBlue
5314U9:00 AMRaleigh Speed 12U 4 McDonough GamblersWhite
548U Semi Final9:40 AMCHILL Lizards 3 Asheville MountaineersBlue
558U Semi Final9:40 AMP Rex 3 McDonough GamblersWhite
5612U Semi Final10:20 AMPBC Predators 8 CHILL LizardsBlue
5712U Semi Final10:20 AMMcDonough Gamblers 7 Hendersonville HatricksWhite
5814U11:00 AMCHILL Lizards 9 McDonough GamblersBlue
5914U11:00 AMRaleigh Speed 12U 2 Team Tennessee 2003 AWhite
6010U QuaterF11:40 AMHendersonville Hatricks 9 Asheville MountaineersBlue
6110U QuaterF11:40 AMJr Galdiators 8U 5 PBC PredatorsWhite
628U Final12:20 PMP Rex 3 Asheville MountaineersBlue
63Adult12:20 PMHockey Chattanooga 9 Macon MilitiaWhite
64Adult1:00 PMGA Misfits 8 OutlawsBlue
6510U Semi Final1:00 PMRaleigh Speed 8 Jr Gladiators 8UWhite
66High School Semi1:40 PMGwinnet Thunder 2 McDonough GamblersBlue
6710U Semi Final1:40 PMMcDonough Gamblers 10 Hendersonville HatricksWhite
6812U Final2:20 PMHendersonville Hatricks 7 CHILL LizardsBlue
69High School Semi2:20 PMAsheville Mountaineers 9 Music City ManiacsWhite
7014U Semi Final3:00 PMCHILL Lizards 4 Team Tennessee 2003 ABlue
7114U Semi Final3:00 PMMcDonough Gamblers 8 Speed 12UWhite
7210U Final3:40 PMRaleigh Speed 5 McDonough GamblersBlue
73Adult Tier 1 Semi3:40 PMOutlaws 6 GA MisfitsWhite
74Adult Tier 2 Semi4:20 PMThrashers 4 Hockey ChattanoogaBlue
75Adult Tier 2 Semi4:20 PMMacon Militia 9 Purple CrushWhite
76High School Final5:00 PMGwinnet Thunder 6 Asheville MountaineersBlue
7714U Final5:40 PMCHILL Lizards 9 McDonough GamblersBlue
78Adult Tier 1 Final6:20 PMGA Vipers 6 OutlawsBlue
79Adult Tier 2 Final7:00 PMThrashers 6 Macon MilitiaBlue
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