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ECHO 2021 Events

November 20, 2020 12:29 PM
Bob Boucher

ECHO Hockey 2021 Events Through June, 2021

January 2-3 @Mt. Pleasant Sportzone in Mt. Pleasant, PA

January 23-24 @The SGAA in Snellville, GA

January 30-31 in Naples, Fl or The Skatium in Ft. Myers, Fl

February 19-21 @Vetta Sports in St. Peter's MO

February 27-28 @Avalon Park in McDonough, GA

March 13-14 @The SGAA. Adults Only.

March 20-21 @The SGAA. Youth Travel Tourney. Traditional and Travel Lite.

March 27-28 @Tally Indoor Sports in Tallahassee, FL

April 10-11 @Shooters(not confirmed yet)

April: TBD. St. Louis and Pinckneyville, GA

May 14-16 @The SGAA. Adult Finals.

May Events: TBD

June 4-6 @The SGAA: Youth Traditional and Travel Lite Finals.

June 11-13 @Vetta Sports: Inline Hockey Tourney.

June 18-20 @Centene Community Ice Center: Adult Ice Hockey Tourney.

More to come.

Possible other locations:
XLSportsworld in Apex, NC
422 in Pottstown, PA
The Legends in Colorado Springs, CO

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